Thanks to an FCC filing, it seems like Switch SNES functionality could be on the way


Maybe for the Christmas push?

Spotted by eagle-eyed ResetEra user Link83, it looks like Nintendo has filed an FCC listing for a modern SNES remote. You know what this means! The SNES component of Switch Online, which would work in tandem with the NES suite, has been rumored for some time. Heck, Nintendo even removed mentions of it wherever they could.

As soon as I saw this news I immediately recalled the time Nintendo asked people to subscribe to Switch Online so that they had the opportunity to buy a pair of $60 NES remotes. It stands to reason that they’re going to do the exact same thing here, likely with a fanfare-filled Nintendo Direct.

Nintendo really has such an advantage with the ability to drop a Direct at any time without warning. They have four entire months to give us that short unexpected announcement video to help push holiday season Switch units.

FCC ID BKEHAC042 [FCC via ResetEra]