That E3 Smash Ultimate tournament is getting a high-profile TV mini-series


Three parts, starting in November on TBS

Back in June, Nintendo hit us with a one-two combo at E3. First, it officially revealed Super Smash Bros. Ultimatefor the Switch. Then, later that day, Nintendo held an invitational tournament that featured some of the best Smash Bros.pros.

Now, that tournament is coming to a cable television-viewing audience. Nintendo and ELeague are producing a three-part mini-series that will air on TBS in November. This is, presumably, an extended marketing effort that leads up to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s December launch.

Can’t wait @NintendoVS 🙂

— ELEAGUE (@ELEAGUETV) October 2, 2018

There will be a deflated sense of suspense surrounding the whole series because the event is already over. The results are very much public knowledge. But ELeague can still frame this in an interesting way that puts emphasis on the professional players. There are opportunities to show a lot of story angles that weren’t captured on the live Twitch stream.

And, of course, this could open the door for Smashgetting its own dedicated ELeague event sometime in the near future. That’d be a major tournament on par with the likes of DreamHack.