That Mega Man 11 amiibo is a GameStop exclusive in the US, is sold out


Try web-in-store

Are we at the point where amiibo absolutely need to be sparingly released and under exclusive contract to make money? Possibly!

GameStop seems to be in a very good spot then securing both the Solaire Dark Souls and newly minted Mega Man 11 amiibo in the US, and as expected the latter sold out in a matter of hours as soon as pre-orders went live yesterday afternoon. Although Capcom is mum on what the figure actually does, we do know that like the Gold Mega Man amiibo it will be housed in a special edition package. It’s 60 bucks on Switch (there is no 3DS version), includes the game, a Dr. Wily patch, stickers, a stage select cloth (which teases the new Robot Masters), and of course, the amiibo itself.

As is the case with most GameStop exclusives, the rub is that you basically missed out on wave one, but there could be a second or third wave of sales (some people are saying it’s going in and out today) before October 3 rolls around. You can try heading to your store right now (or call) to place a web-in-store order, which could possibly go through, or establish a connection with your friendly neighborhood GameStop and try to sniff out when the next release might be.

On Capcom’s side, it might end up being a very, very limited edition that’s actually limitedbased on what they did with the Legacy Collectionpackage on 3DS in 2016.Right now at the time of this post that pack with the exclusive Gold Mega Man amiibo (which was printed in a generic package by the way) will run you 100 bucks, and the figure alone will generally run you 60 bucks used. Finally, you can also just import the figure outside of the US for roughly $20 before shipping.

Good luck to all my fellow amiibo collectors! We’ll keep you updated if more news comes in up through launch.

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