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That new Hearthstone mode is called 'Tavern Brawl'

You need to have a hero at level 20

A few days back Blizzard was teasing an all new mode for Hearthstone, and now they have revealed their plans just before E3. It’s called “Tavern Brawl,” and it’s another versus mode with a twist. Basically, every week features new rulesets, which could include a preset deck, or specific guidelines. You won’t even be able to play this mode unless you have a level 20 hero, but it does support friend and solo play. Tavern Brawl is set to debut in mid-June, and your first win will net you a free card pack.

I’ll definitely give it a go, but I mostly enjoy the solo adventure aspect of Hearthstone. In other news, Medivh and Alleria Windrunner were just confirmed as two more of those $10 cosmetic heroes.

Brace Yourself for Tavern Brawl [Battle.net]

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