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The adorable Adeleine and Ribbon from Kirby 3/64 are crossing over into Kirby Switch as free DLC

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As expected given that an accurate leak has basically confirmed all upcomingKirby Star Allies DLC, Nintendo has trolled us with a Kirby-shaped mystery tweet — leading us to believe that maybe a new form of Kirby was in the works.

Nope, it was merely the artist Adeleine drawing Kirby, as she does with her life-granting painting abilities. Well played!Folks may remember Adeleine and the trusty fairy Ribbon from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.Adeline, or “Ado” as she’s also known was a boss character in Dream Land 3 and Kirby 64, and following an unfortunate possession incident by way of the evil Dark Matter, joins Kirby on his quest.

Now she’s free DLC later this year on Switch. Like I needed another reason to play Star Alliesagain.

ジャマハローア。前回緊急報告のあったドリームフレンズの真相がわかったぞ。その正体は…「星のカービィ64」に登場したアドレーヌだ!しかも、あの妖精リボンも一緒だぞ!でこっぱちアーティストとチビッコ妖精、まさかこの二人にまた出会える日が来るとは!#星のカービィスターアライズ pic.twitter.com/QsyHdPsQqH

— 星のカービィ (@Kirby_JP) July 6, 2018

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