The Angel City Chorale sang the Civilization IV theme on America's Got Talent


Even Simon Cowell loved it!

I can’t say I keep up with reality competition shows. I’ve never been into “American Idol” or any of its various knock-offs, but sometimes contestants will come on and belt out something worth paying attention to. When that something happens to be the theme to Civilization IV, “Baba Yetu,” you’ll have my attention without question. In a recent episode of “America’s Got Talent,” the Angel City Chorale from Los Angeles performed Christopher Tin’s Grammy-winning song and the performance is just awesome.

You know you have a great performance when Simon Cowell can’t even come up with any negatives. Really, just watch the video below and see how great this is.

Every time I hear this theme, I have to just stop and listen in awe. I still remember booting up the game for the first time in 2005 and being greeted with this powerful, sweeping and utterly majestic song that introduces you into the cradle of civilization. Finding out years later that is was simply the “Our Father” in Swahili gave me a new perspective on how people can find religion so quintessential in their lives. Such is the power of music.

Angel City Chorale: Amazing Choir Earns Golden Buzzer From Olivia Munn – America’s Got Talent 2018 [America’s Got Talent via YouTube]