The Battle Cats 3DS is coming to the West after all


Kept us waiting!

Shortly after learning about The Battle Cats through a Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation last year, I decided that rather than wait for the 3DS version to possibly get localized, I’d be better off playing the existing mobile game to satiate my curiosity. In retrospect, that was the right call.

Developer Ponos is only now about to release the 3DS version, The Battle Cats POP!, in the West. It’s “coming soon” to the eShop with head-to-head multiplayer and all the silly, scary, leggy, muscular, demonic, messed-up cats you could possibly want. That image only scratches the surface.

Here’s the old Japanese-language trailer to give you an idea of what this weird strategy title is about:

I didn’t get heavily invested in the mobile game like some of the superfans out there, but I enjoyed the character designs enough that I’ll likely want to give The Battle Cats another try on 3DS.

Ponos [Twitter via Go Nintendo] [Image]