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The battle continues in World War Z's Proving Grounds, Horde Mode coming soon

War never ends

Saber Interactive continues to drop hot content into its frenzied multiplayer shooter World War Z, with the latest update, Proving Grounds, now live on all platforms.

Proving Grounds is the final piece of content for World War Z’s first season and sees the launch of the new Weekly Challenge playlist. These rotational events will task players with completing scenarios that have wild and creative conditions, such as specific weapons, or bigger hordes, or all damage directed at one single player. There will be over 40 different modifiers made available to keep these events fresh and exciting.

The reward for completing these events are a unique currency, “Challenge Coins” which can be spent on exclusive gear and accessories. Eventually, Saber plan to release the Weekly Challenge modifiers so that the community can create their own custom rulesets in private lobbies.

To help you defeat the zombie menace, the Classic Battle Rifle is being added to the arsenal, along with several new weapon attachments. World War Z has also undergone a host of balance tweaks and bug fixes, all of which can be found in the official patch notes. Finally, the trailer ends teasing that Season Two will be bringing a gift the community has been asking for since launch, the ever-popular Horde Mode.

World War Z is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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