The best game of 2014 is free in October's Games with Gold


Double Walking Dead is underhanded

This is a drum that I will not quit beating. Valiant Heartswas the best game in 2014. It’ll probably be the best game in 2015 too, and for the foreseeable future. The Democrats should run it against Donald Trump in the next Presidential election. It has better hair and is likely more qualified to lead a country, although all I really know about Trump is from what I saw on NBC commercials in 2005 where he yelled “Yurr fired!” DVR was, unfortunately, not widely adopted yet.

I’m rambling, but maybe that’s because Valiant Heartsmakes me flustered. Xbox Live Gold subscribers can feel the feelings that I feel next month when Valiant Heartsis free for the entirety of October. To understate things, it’s a good one. Pick it up.

On the Xbox 360 side of things, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroeswill be free beginning on the first day of October. Xbox platform loyalists may feel a bit slighted, as Ground Zeroeswas an Xbox One free title in August.

Continuing the theme of possibly feeling slighted, The Walking Dead: Season Oneis the gratis game for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 at October’s midway point. There’s no way around it — that’s just one less free title for anyone with both consoles. Kind of dirty, Microsoft.

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