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Ecchi the Killer

You should watch Ping Pong: The Animation. It’s why Lebron James realized he needed to go back to Cleveland, true story. But be warned, watching other anime after will be hard because it leaves you extra acutely aware of how mediocre and awful most anime is. Sorry, Beck.

There’s only two World Cup games left to occupy yourself with, anyway. What else are you going to do?

Here’slast week’s post. Let’s begin anew.

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What’re you playing? A lot of Mario Kart 8 around here – Staff

You guys might not know this, but some of us here at Destructoid are big fans of videogames. For a change of pace, we’d like to share that interest with you all and fill you in on some of the games we’re playing right now.

I mean, not right now, right now. More like this last week. It’s the 4th of July right now. No one hates America more than me, but I’ll take an excuse to skip out on work in favor of hot links and tequila.We’re with our families, friends and loved ones, sitting out in the sun, sharing stories, throwing sports balls. Some us are planning to lose a few fingers to explosives as the sun winds down and the alcohol compromises our equilibrium and decision making.

Hey, new Wii U owners: Don’t forget to play Nintendo Land – Jordan Devore

The Wii U has officially been out long that it has early cycle releases people are forgetting existed. Kind of like how a lot of people seem to forget the console exists, including some large third party developers.

My favorite “attraction” inNintendo LandisPikmin Adventure. It’s obviously not as deep asPikmin 3, but it’s surprising just how far it goes. One player is Captain Olimar and as usual, must fling Pikmin at creatures until they’re dead — but you don’t have to worry about your troops dying, and everything is mechanical (this is a theme park, after all). It’s super cool, aesthetically.

None of these strategies helped me win at Mario Kart 8 – Brett Makedonski

Brett “Wett Brett #3” Makedonski sucks at videogames. What a nerd.

4. Have a kid play for you:Okay,Mario Kart 8has that cartoony kid look about it, maybe it takes some Peter Pan forever child magical bullshit to win. Nope. Kids are dumb and their motor skills are suspect at best. And now my brand new GamePad is all sticky and gross. I returned it to Wal-Mart (The child, not the controller; they’ll takeanythingback).

Some videogames you have to try this boring summer – Kyle MacGregor

Okay, someone separate these two trouble makers.

Whether it’s a humid summer day or just an unpleasantly hot one, there’s nothing quite like hiding from the sun in your small dark apartment. Here are x number of videogames to help you stay pale this season.

Guacamelee! is largely the product of DrinkBox trolling one another – Brett Makedonski

You know how “hipster” quickly became an all-encompassing default slur for something you disliked for some reason, losing all of its value as a word? It happened to “trolling” first, I think.

One referential troll that didn’t make it was the inclusion ofHe-Man’s“I HAVE THE POWER!” sound bite that would play every time a new skill or power was acquired. It originally served as a way for production assistant Matthew Johns and Smithers to continually annoy the other developers. It worked. In fact, it worked so well that it was decided that it’d be too repetitive and irritating to players, so it was taken out for the good of the game.

I messed around in the bizarre, experimental reboot of Rust – Jordan Devore

Jordan finally started playing Rustagain and I am happy with the result.

But I have, now that Facepunch Studios is rebootingRust. Work has ceased on the original version most players know while the team rebuilds the game from scratch in what it is calling an experimental branch. It’s playable now and as janky as things are, it’s promising.

Let’s take a look! (Warning: there will be some butts.)

Blah Blah Top Five Blah Blah World Cup Blah Blah Soccer – Jonathan Holmes

Blah blah blah Jonathan Holmes blah blah blah incisive blah blah just in time blah blah World Cup.

Everybody’s blah blah blah World Cup blah blah blahto celebrate top five blah blah blahsoccer videogames blah blah blah.Blah blah blahpiggybacking off Google search result algorithms blah blah blah pandering to the interests of those who are more interested in thing other than videogames? Blah blah blaheveryone’s talking about it blah blah blah you don’t want to be left out blah blah blah popular because it is popularblah blah blah Hamza’s gotta eat blah blah blahSup Holmes starts at 4pmblah.

So with out furtherblah blah blah, letsblah blah blah do blah blah blahthisblah blah blah.

Another fair comparison: 1001 Spikes is better than Game of Thrones – Jonathan Holmes

Blah blah blah Jonathan Holmes blah blah blah incisive blah blah just in time blah blah Blahtantly better blah blah blah 1001 Spikes balh Game of Thrones. Blah blah blah? Blahhahahaha!.

[M]ost people watchGame of Thrones…because it hooks them in a world of constant negative stimulus, constant emptiness and pain, and dangles a carrot in their faces promising that things might get better, that they might gain some emotional sustenance if they watch just one more episode. Stories likeGame of Thrones(and certain videogames) are designed like sour candy. They start off sweet, with fun stuff like sex, intrigue, and power fantasy, but leave you hurting, with the sour taste of trauma and sorrow in your mouth. That sour leaves you hungry for an antidote to cancel out the sour, something like the sweet sex/power/intrigue that got you watching the show in the first place. So the cycle of sweetness, sourness continues, leaving the audience continually hungry and never truly fed.

Just Saiyan: ‘Advance Adventure’ Saga! Part 4 – Max and Bill

In this episode, while playingDragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, Bill and Max discuss Chiaotzu’s dim sum secret, Japanese onomatopoeia, that damn song that I can’t identify, and why is Nam white in this game?

Sharknado’s: The Video Game’s press release is a natural disaster – Max Scoville

Sometimes, when I check my email, I find wonderful things like messages from friends and family, beta invites, or announcements that something I ordered has shipped. Sometimes, I find a pile of press releases. Sometimes they’re harmless, and sometimes they make me wish Y2K had actually been as much of a disaster as promised.


Escape Dead Island is a single-player ‘survival mystery’ – Steven Hansen

If you’re counting, there’s been a number of grand comparisons to some well-liked things (I just last night dreamt Bill Murray was evicting me, but he felt bad about it). I don’t anticipateEscape Dead Islandwill live up to any of them. It’s a different look for the series, though, and will release to the past generation of consoles for a more appropriate $40. Those who buy get access toDead Island 2‘s beta as well.

Natural Doctrine is a brutal, sort of ugly turn-based strategy game – Steven Hansen

Kadokawa Games’ first internal venture can get a pass for looking a bit dated if the core gameplay can hold up, and it just might. ProducerKensuke Tanaka felt that “JRPGs were “lacking in difficulty,” that they didn’t “make you think,” NIS America representatives explained.Natural Doctrineis an answer to that.

NIS America was not able to answer why the lead in a fantasy RPG of orcs, magic and lizard men is named Jeff.


Gearbox reveals Battleborn for PS4, Xbox One, PC – Kyle MacGregor

Battlebornis the next big game from Gearbox Software, and, much like the developer’sBorderlandsseries, it’s looking to put a unique spin on the first-person shooter.

Billed a “hero-shooter” by Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, the title infuses MOBA elements into its narrative-driven co-op and competitive multiplayer in place ofBorderlands‘ hallmark loot-heavy RPG flare. The story, penned by former Destructoid editorAaron Linde, is set in the distant future in a “science fantasy” universe on the brink of destruction.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will see an October release in Japan – Chris Carter

In this morning’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, Capcom revealed thatMonster Hunter 4 Ultimatewill hit Japanese 3DS units everywhere on October 11th. Yep, this is the same game we will eventually get overseas come 2015.

Criminal Girls’ sexual punishment will only be mildly censored – Steven Hansen

A lot of people were upset after NIS America announced it had “edited certain aspects” ofCriminal Girls: Invite Onlyfor Western release. The “c” word (censorship) was thrown around nobly as it always seems to be when erotic Japanese games are being discussed.

NIS Americaaddressed this in its forumand the editing it has done is downright mild. You can still spank and whip blushing ass-up anime girls to your hearts’ content, though you’ll have to loop your own sound effects.

Ciao, amiche.