The breakout Chinese opera Genshin Impact single is out now


‘Devastation and Redemption’

Genshin Impact is still making waves a year and change since launch, and multiple soundtrack releases are a big part of that story. That includes the Genshin Impact Chinese opera single “Devastation and Redemption,” which was shown earlier this month as a story teaser, and is now out on iTunes and Spotify as singles.

Sung by Beijing opera performer Yang Yang, the track is entwined into the story, detailing the character Yung Jin’s exorcist profession, as well as her life in general; tying into the overarching campaign lore. The original clip (below) reached nearly three million views over the course of several weeks, showcasing the art of Chinese opera to a wider audience. The move to commission a legitimate singer to play the singing (but not speaking) voice of one character is a bold move, and just another reason why Genshin Impact remains relevant. Yung Jin also sports multiple voice actors for her regular lines on top of Yang Yang’s singing.

But back to the music, pretty much every aspect of Genshin Impact‘s musical stylings have been made into albums: typically separated by regions. It’s part of the company’s push to showcase how big the game’s updates are. Every leak feeds into lore speculation, where the story might go next, what elements are in play, and how the Traveler (the main character) might get swept up into said region. Like Final Fantasy XIV, the studio behind Genshin Impact knows how to keep the hype machine rolling.