The console ports for Tower of Guns are pretty all right


Raised my tower for sure

The roguelike first-person-shooter Tower of Guns recently launched on Xbox One and PS3 / PS4 as a PlayStation Plus title after last month’s PC launch. You’re tasking with traversing a tower literally made of and filled with guns. Weapons and perks are unlocked through your multiple playthroughs, some of which won’t last long as death is a staple in roguelikes.

After playing it across PC, Xbox One, and PS4 platforms, I can easily recommend any version of the game. The PC version offers the best performance, the Xbox One version had some minor slowdown and frame drops, and the PS4 version fell somewhere in the middle of the other two versions. I did not get a chance to go hands on with the PS3 version.

If you’re hankering for a fun, roguelike FPS on consoles, Tower of Guns is really your only option. Luckily it is a blast.

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