The creator of Devilman is attending Anime Expo 2018


50 years of perverted greatness

As I rejoice over 2018 marking the return of three classic Go Nagai titles, the people atAnime Expomade me excited as they grant him the Guest of Honor status. If anything, this is the perfect follow-up to the newDevilman,Mazinger, andCutie Honeyprojectsgoing West.

Even though my exposure to his works is through the originalDevilmanmanga, I watched the remakes of his iconic stuff, such as Yasuhiro Imagawa’s (Giant RoboandG-Gundam’sDirector)Mazinger Edition Z: The Impactand Gainax’sRe: Cutie Honey. All in all, the ones I saw did justice to the man who brought us the glorious Rocket Punch and the first magical girl transformation.

He’ll be hosting aCutie Honey Universepanel on July 7, along withappearing at an autograph session. At the moment, the latter’s date has yet to be revealed. Either way, this should be enough for those who want to meet someone who’s good at creating entertaining pieces with robots, demons, sex, violence, comedy, and a mix of all the above.

This year’s Anime Expo runs from July 5 to 8, which means that we only have a couple weeks before he appears at the con. Once again, this whole thing sounds like another great way to celebrate his 50th Anniversary as a creator.

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