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The Daily Hotness: Have You Seen This Yet?

Check out everything Destructoid did today

I love fan-made movies. They’re not always great, but the heart is there. And when they ARE well made, they’re awesome. This, this is awesome.

Today, we had a lot of previews from PAX. You know, since today was the first day of PAX.

Destructoid Originals:Friday Night Fights: Win Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Community:Community blogs of 8/30Forum thread of the day: PAX Prime 2013Vote for Dtoid’s PAX Prime 2013 community choice award!

Previews:My experience with Final Fantasy XIV: ARR so far

PAX:PAX and Doritos Xbox One promo not for Windows PhoneLords of the Fallen keeps looking better and betterNintendo 2DS: I really like this bread slice of a systemNvidia teams up to offer Batman: Arkham Origins with GPUsBetrayer is really confusing, but in a good way

News:Nintendo president: ‘meh’ to PS4, Xbox One launch titlesMicrosoft: Killer Instinct ‘world’s most generous demo’Halo 5’s first story details emergeKillzone Shadowfall bundle found on Amazon FranceKing of Fighters XIII extends its Steam betaRayman Legends is exclusive to the Wii U in JapanGet acquainted with Paradox in the latest Humble Bundle Admiral Swiggins officially joins AwesomenautsNintendo is not going to offer a Wii U Ambassador programAdd funds to your PlayStation wallet using mobile devicesThe Xbox Live Marketplace is now the Xbox Games Store

Offbeat:Fallout: New Vegas fan film is bloody, scantily clad

Media:Take a look at the elusive Arkham Origins portable gameMark Cerny muses on Knack and I love itThis new Kingdom Hearts HD trailer brings back memoriesThis Liberation Maiden Sin teaser makes me want it

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