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Rad. Klei Entertainment (Mark of the Ninja, Don’t Starve) announced a new game, Incognita, that seems like X-Com meets Metal Gear. Klei has done good work in the past on titles like Shank, but Mark of the Ninja is immaculate stealth, while Don’t Starve seems like a lovingly original thing. Blending stealth with a turn-based game is a cool inversion of the genre, regulating and restricting a predatory nature used towards a tactical advantage (versus the recent X-Com‘s “wander forward blindly as aliens appear”). I’m so down.

Today, Casey Baker espoused disappointment in Grid 2, Dale reviewed the new 14″ Razer Blade, Chris Carter reviewed Kinect’s Doodle Jump, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII got a DLC Buster sword and Cloud Strife outfit for Lightning as a pre-order bonus, I shot a bow for the first time, and more!

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