The definitive guide to which starter is the best in Pokemon Sun and Moon


Bonus: Litten makeup tutorial

You and your closest internet friends have been arguing for days about who the best starting Pokémonis in Sun and Moonwith no clear consensus. Well fret not, as we here at Destructoid have you back and have made the decision a little easier with our infinite knowledge of video games.

Jonathan Holmes delivers a poignantargument for Rowlet,while whipper snapper Myles Cox slams down some hot poetry in defense of the absolutely hated Popplio, while yours truly provides an avant-garde Litten makeup tutorial clearly proving Litten is the best and only choice.

Now we can go back to arguing who the hottest person is in thePokémon universe: Brock, Mr. Mime, or Jynx. Notice how I left out Gardevoir because I’m not fucking a plant.