The Destructoid Show is back!


A modern take on a classic gaming news show

After a long slumber, The Destructoid Show is coming back, well, today.

We’ve got a shiny new scripted show with a faster pace and two new co-hosts leading the charge, but the goal is the same as it always was: to keep you up to date on what’s happening right now in gaming, and to make you laugh as much as possible.

The Destructoid Show is hosted by Brett Medlock (who just joined the site as our head of video) and Mary Stowe (who’s been in charge of Dtoid’s social media), with tireless editing and extra comedic chaos from Dan Roemer (who’s also holding down the YouTube fort). Real talk: it’s been a lot of work getting this project up and running. I’m so proud of ’em!

With that said, when and where can you tune in? The Destructoid Show will air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning on Snapchat. So… yes, it’s a show for your phone! If you’ve already got the app on your mobile device, you can just scan the Snapcode above; otherwise, you can preview the show in your browser with this link.

Snapchat is a whole new platform for us, with its own dynamics, and we hope you’ll check out The Destructoid Show when you’re on a lunch break, waiting in line, or have a few minutes to spare. This show is something you can fire up and finish in one quick go.

Our first episode covers Tom Holland’s take on Nathan Drake in the new Uncharted movie, what’s up with the gigantic 1.5 patch for Cyberpunk 2077, and PlatinumGames’ recent remarks about the rise of NFTs in gaming, including a great crack at Konami.

Parts of the Destructoid Show will also find their way onto Destructoid’s TikTok account (alongside other antics from Brett, Mary, and Dan), so check that out too!

It’s been *how long*?

The original Dtoid Show came about at a crazy, exciting time in the site’s history, and Tara Long, Max Scoville, and our dear sweet Jonathan Holmes really created something special. It was a video game news show that wasn’t just a video game news show. It was funny and informative, sure, but it was also heartfelt. And my goodness, those skits!

The show’s name will conjure up a lot of different feelings for a lot of different people — but more than a decade later, those memories are still warm and fuzzy. Since the final episode of Max and Tara’s run, much has changed for Destructoid, gaming coverage in general, and the video landscape. 2013 feels so inconceivably distant, doesn’t it?

We expect this incarnation of The Destructoid Show to evolve quite a bit as we go, much like the original version. The team has big ideas about how to distill Destructoid’s classic vibe into a fast and focused news show while also tapping into a brand new audience.

In other words, it’s going to be another wild ride. I hope you’ll join us!