The devil will sob at the price of Devil May Cry 5's 'Ultra Limited Edition'



Despite Saints Row IV still holding the record for the most absurdly priced special edition ever made, I’m floored by how ludicrous the prices for special editions are. What used to max out around $150 has steadily grown until we’re seeing $300, $1,000 and now an almost $8,000 package for ultra fans. Capcom Japan has announced that its upcoming Devil May Cry 5 will be receiving three different “Ultra Limited Editions” that contain replica jackets of the game’s three stars.

For those of you with more money than sense, you’ll be able to grab Dante’s jacket for 900,000 yen ($7,983), Nero’s jacket for 750,000 yen ($6,652) or V’s jacket for 600,000 ($5322). Thankfully, each jacket comes with a copy of the game on your platform of choice, but you’re probably not even going to care at that point. Obviously looking as good as old man Dante is your main priority, because why else would you drop around eight grand for something?

While I wouldn’t expect these editions to come to the US (Resident Evil 6’s insanely priced jacket edition didn’t), you could always import them and add an additional few hundred dollars to the mix.

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