The Devolver Digital and Destructoid live-stream series starts today


It’s like being at PAX East, but without all the fart smells and cosplay

Howdy, partners! In a special collaboration with the city slickers over at Devolver Digital, we’re gunning for a five-day-long series of live game streams on our Destructoid Twitch account featuring some of the rootinest tootinest unreleasedDevolver-published indiegames this side of the Rio Grande!

First up, is a Destructoid exclusive, as ourlive-streaming desperadostake a shot at the latestwork-in-progress build (featured at PAX East 2015)of Farmer Gnome’s upcoming Wild West-themed top-down shooter A Fistful of Gun!

Make sure to tune in today as the fastest beard in the West, Jed Whitaker, takesthe reigns from 9:30AM PST/12:30PM EST, followed up by Destructoid’s own painted lady of indie games, Mike Martin, as herides the stream off into the sunsetfrom 10:30AM PST/1:30PM EST.

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