The Dreadlord Mal'Ganis finally makes it to Heroes of the Storm


My number one request with a few false starts

For the past several years I’ve wanted Dreadlord representation in Heroes of the Stormand I got it. As a cornerstone of my Warcraft IIIexperience the undead Dreadlord hero was a matter of if, not when, for the game, and Blizzard is answering that call this October: an appropriately spooky month for the vampire-esque theme of the race.

The obvious choice for a Dreadlord is Mal’Ganis, who helped corrupt Arthas Menthil for the Lich King through deceit. He sports his trademark sleep ability (which is severely beefed up), his bat summoning powers, and his life leech. Most of his kit is beefed up from his Warcraft IIIcounterpart actually and he’s very fun to play.

Mal’Ganis is live in the PTR right now and is extremely powerful. As a warrior he can take a ton of punishment, heal it back up, has multiple forms of escapes/chase, has utility with several different crowd control (cc) powers, and can dish out a good amount of damage.