The Genshin Impact Phantom Flow event starts today


And will run through August 30

As Genshin Impact continues to grow, developer miHoYo continues to add new characters, zones, storylines, and events. As we wait for the next big party member drop, there’s a Genshin Impact Phantom Flow event to partake in.

It kicks off today, and will provide daily challenges with both a “Shoden and Okuden” mode on offer. So the former is actually just the standard entry point, with the classic normal, hard, and extreme difficulty settings to get through. Once you’re done with that, the Okuden mode will unlock, which is beyond extreme. You can’t just breeze through the Phantom Flow challenges though. You need to finish all three parameters that are required of each individual activity, which will have “unique special effects” throughout.

So there’s some provisos. As stated on the official blog, to do the Genshin Impact Phantom Flow event, you need to be adventurer rank 30 or above, so it’s going to cut out a lot of people outright. Oh, and you need to have finished the Archon Quest “Ritou Escape Plan” and the World Quest “Chisato’s Letter.” It’s also single-player-only, and world level alterations will not impact the event.

There’s even more Genshin Impact happening as we speak too, as miHoYo just ran a livestream today for update 2.1. You can find an overview for that below, which will feature two more islands, as well as “the final chapter of the Archon quest.” Raiden Shogun, Kokomi, Kujou Sara are also coming as playable characters, amid new events.