The hunt is on for the Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo, here is what I found


I hope you’re waiting in line

Ever since July, I haven’t waited in line for an amiibo launch. Today it would be my undoing it seems, as I missed out on the Mega Yarn Yoshi figure today at Toys”R”Us. Why did I go? My wife loves Yoshi, and hell, the thing is basically a stuffed animal.

At my local store, they had 19 in stock. I walked up to the doors five minutes before it opened, and was 23rd in line. According to multiple sources from readers and my amiibo travels, nearly every store on the east coast is the same. If you didn’t wait in line roughly an hour before the store opened, you missed out.

As a reminder, this is indeed a Toys”R”Us exclusive, and employees could not provide me with a date of restock, if there even willbe a restock. Note that even a month ago on their official Twitter account, they noted that“quantities [are] extremely limited!”

Right now, east coast US scalpers are placing the starting rounds of acquisition at roughly $100. Other territories won’t get the figure until later in the month (or December) and re-sellers are valuing their pre-orders at around $70. It retails for $40 in the US. Plan accordingly!