The Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience expands to Olympus next week


Herc was on a roll

Relive unforgettable moments in the second part of Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, coming to #PSVR for free on July 25

— PlayStation (@PlayStation) July 19, 2019

The Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience is set to receive an update next week. Bringing “Olympus Coliseum” from Hercules, the new DLC will also include motion controls or anyone rocking a PlayStation Move. I’m not sure if that means you’ll need the orb controllers or just the DualShock 4, but that should add a layer of immersion to this virtual museum.

The VR Experience is currently available as a free download for PlayStation 4. This new update will also be free, which Phil is sure to like. Now if only he’d talk a little more…

PlayStation [Twitter]