The Konami Code is the key to unlocking Amazon's Cyber Monday deals


Well eight-elevenths of it

The Konami Code has had a ton of in-game applications, but today it can save you some actual real-life money. Amazon has centered its Cyber Monday video game deals around the legendary cheat, making it instantly good for 15 percent off a bunch of titles.

The way it works is that you have to enter the code at the checkout screen, meaning that you won’t see the savings before adding it to your cart. Once there, type “UUDDLRLR” and apply the discount. No “BA Start” is necessary, which, as everyone knows, is the end to the Konami Code.

The 15 percent can be used on somewhere around 80 new games and pre-orders. We’ve listed a bunch of them below. That list isn’t exhaustive, though; those are just the ones we could find.

Apart from the Konami Code event, Amazon has a hangover of sorts from its Black Friday offerings. A lot of it is the same as we saw last week, meaning that they’ll probably end sometime soon. There are a few new things sprinkled in too, like the PS4 20th anniversary controller that headlined our gift guide for PlayStation fans.

Konami Code titles:

Other deals: