The Last of Us sale starts tomorrow, Clicker statue up for pre-order


Outbreak Day 2015

Canonically, Outbreak Day — the day when the Cordyceps fungus got out of control and dramatically altered the world in The Last of Us — occurred on September 26, 2013. We’re coming up on the second anniversary of that fateful date, but the celebration starts early. Beginning tomorrow, September 23, The Last of Us content will be discounted up to 50 percent on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

The deals might draw in some new players, but the superfans have something to look forward to as well. A sick-looking Clicker statue is in production. The PlayStation Blog post says it’s available for pre-order now, but clicking through leads to a dead end. Presumably, it should go live any minute now.

The poston it doesn’t offer many specifics on the deals, but notes that it is “select content.” I’m hoping for a price cut on the DLC weapons and survival skills for the multiplayer. As scummy as it is, I can’t help but want to deal out my own Crossbow trolling or Frontier Rifle/Revolver wizardry.