The Medium opens up its creepy parallel worlds on PS5 today


The Medium going Large on PS5

PlayStation fans can get a double-dose of psychological horror today, as Koch Media’s strange and ethereal nightmare The Medium is now available to purchase on PS5, following on from its January release on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

The third-person thriller tells the twisted tale of young hero Marianne, a spirit medium who finds herself pulled into the aftermath of a horrible cold-case murder that plagues her dreams. Utilizing next-gen technology, The Medium features a unique, plane-shifting narrative that sees Marianne pulled back and forth through both reality and the spirit realm, while gathering evidence, solving puzzles, and uncovering the truth behind her terrifying and mysterious visions.

Very ambitious in scope and helmed by the horror aficionados at Bloober Team, The Medium is heralded for its creepy — if not quite “frightening” — nature and its strange and unique double-sided universe. Though it features an interesting backdrop and solid characters, players found the adventure to be a little low-key, lacking in stakes and tension, and more of a psychological experience, rather than an antagonistic, challenging adventure. As long as you aren’t expecting a Resident Evil, or a Silent Hill, there is still much to enjoy in The Medium‘s bleak and unsettling world.

The Medium launches today on PS5, and is already available on PC and Xbox Series X/S. Check out our own Jordan Devore’s review of the PC edition right here.