The new Pokemon anime is still free to watch on YouTube in English and Japanese


Twilight Wings: The ONA

While I keep wanting to call Pokemon: Twilight Wings“the Pokemon OVA,” it’s actually an ONA. “Get it right or pay the price,” a famous TV camp counselor used to say.

Either way, Twilight Wingsis still going strong in both Japanese and English, and you can watch the first four episodes for free now, including the newest one focusing on Nessa.Handled by Studio Colorido (Penguin Highway), the series focuses on the new Galar region from the Swordand Shieldgames, giving the area a little more background flavor. It’sa lotlike the Final Fantasy XVmini-anime episodes. Yes I used the term “mini,” as all of the Pokemon‘sodes average around six minutes in length.

You can find each English episode embedded below, as well as an editor’s note as to what topic each ONA handles. The first one is like an intro of sorts, the second deals with fighting gym leader Bea, the third is all Hop, baby, and the fourth focuses on the water gym lead Nessa. If you’d rather watch them in Japanese (without proper subtitles), you have the option here.

Curious as to when the next one might drop? Well there’s a total of seven, and they’ve been debuting with a monthly cadence, usually around the 17th-18th day of the month. Logic would dictate that the next one will be available by May 18.

Episode 6: Moonlight (Allister)

Episode 5: Assistant (Oleana)

Episode 4: Early-Evening Waves (Nessa)

Episode 3: Buddy (Hop)

Episode 2: Training (Bea)

Episode 1: Letter (Galar)