The Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild turn two this week


Time flies

After completely devouring Zelda: Breath of the Wildpre-launch (which was one of my favorite reviews of all time by the way, completely isolated from any discussions on it coupled with the uniqueness of the Switch), I frequently come back to the phrase “I can’t believe it’s only been [x] amount of time” since it came out.

Yes, the Nintendo Switch hardware and Breath of the Wildcelebrate their second anniversaries this week, having released at the same time on March 3, 2017. Whenever a celebratory post comes up about Breath of the Wild there’s always detractors that don’t like a certain part of the game (dungeons, lack of items, durability): all valid criticisms, but the impact that the game has had worldwide is undeniable.

It seems like every week people are finding something new: plus, so many developers have shared their love for the latest Zeldaentry and players alike have been inspired by it. The community as a whole has come together to form one of the most positive forces in gaming right now and I’ve been honored to cover it for the past several years.

As for the Switch itself, it does still feel relatively new. It’s being adopted rapidly, especially in Japan (which has ensured the quicker death of the 3DS, especially based on the last financial briefing comments), but it needs a lot more momentum to catapult itself into Sony’s “nearly 100 million sold” territory of the PS4. It had a four year head start, nothing to shake a stick at, but I’m curious to see what Nintendo’s strategy is in the days to come for their “multiple Switch units per household” plan.

A Switch Slim/Lite? Switch 2.0? Or stay the course? Either way it’s been a pretty action packed two years. While we wait for Nintendo to potentially blow us away at E3, they have a lot to be proud of, having pushed roughly 32 million pieces of Switch hardware so far.