The Oculus Go standalone VR headset stealth-released today


Starting at $199

With no formal prior warning, Oculus unleashed a new headset upon the world today. About a half year after the Oculus Go was first revealed at the VR-focused convention Oculus Connect 4, retailers have started shipping them to consumers.

Oculus Go is meant to be a mid-range solution that bridges the gap between the cheap and smartphone-dependent Gear VR, and the more impressive but high-end PC-dependent Oculus Rift. Go is a self-contained device, meaning that all of its components are inside the wireless headset; no external tech is needed for Go to function. The model with 32GB of storage is selling for $199, while the 64GB model is $249.

The stealth-release is part of Facebook’s F8 conference which is taking place right now. The announcement was part of Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech, and he stressed how this is “the easiest way to get into VR.” The Go is available now through many retailers, including Amazon and directly through Oculus.

Even though this was a surprise, Oculus still sent out some review units to media. Ars Technica has a detailed breakdown of everything the Go does right and wrong. It sounds like exactly what Oculus was aiming for — it’s not as good as the Rift, but it’s impressive enough to give an accurate representation of VR for a much more affordable price.