The original baby Sonic movie design is like '90s nightmare fuel


Bow to your God

With coronavirus concerns pretty much shifting the entire timetable of Hollywood upor out, we’re starting to see more home video options roll in en masse.

One such project is the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which is out today on video on demand for $20 (or you can go for the 4K UHD edition for $25) to buy. That’s a huge distinction, mind, as some studios like Universal are experimenting with the concept of renting newer films for $20, while others are letting you purchase them outright.

Anyway, the Sonicmovie is now available outside of theaters, and Paramount is celebrating with a bold new deleted scene that shows baby Sonic before the design took hold.That’s on top of very early unfinished animation sprinkled throughout (that slowly increases in finish as the clip goes on), leading to a perfect concoction of distilled nightmare fuel.

Note that the below clip involves very minor spoilers of the film’s opening moments: so if you’ve been holding out, just wait until you catch the flick first.