The problem ain't I be driving, the problem's we need Podtoid questions


Ask questions and we’ll read them on air

Hello party people. We will have the follow up to last week’s Podtoid 338: Make Great America Again for your listening pleasure soon — the special weekend Overwatch cast slowed up the release of your regular, weekly Podtoid in the same way the proliferation of Overwatch GIFs internet-wide has slowed down ISPs across the country.

In the interim, lend us your questions (or emails) for us to deliberate on during the podcast. We actually have a few good holdovers from last week, but you know how easily a surplus turns into a defecit, yadda I mean? No topic is verboten. Favorite lubricant base? How to deal with your large, embarrassing son? We got you.

Shy? Have a lengthy diatribe or interesting story? Email us! podtoid[at]