The second season of Netflix's Castlevania is out 'later this year'


Eight episodes

We know that Netflix’s Castlevaniashow is getting a third season according to one of its principle cast members. But wait, there isn’t a second season yet! That’s coming still, apparently, according to the show’s writerWarren Ellis.

We still don’t have a date yet, but Ellis states that “season 2 will be eight episodes long, out sometime later this year” on his Twitter account. He goes on to clarify: “I don’t have the release date yet – these things are decided by people other than me. Lots and lots of great animators are working incredibly hard on it. You’ll have plenty of warning of the date.”

Warning for a date? That’s not a very Netflix thing to do as they often spring those on us instantly — but at least we know it’s coming before the end of 2018. As I said before I’m looking forward to it! Four episodes was definitely not enough for the inaugural season and I dug the Gothic vibe enough to want a Soulsseries in the same style.

Warren Ellis [Twitter]