The Smash Bros. update has been data-mined, Nintendo Direct spoilers inside


One awesome new Mii costume!

The final Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii Uhappens today at 5pm ET.

But, an update released last night for both titles has been data-mined revealing some new information, while keeping most surprises under wraps for Nintendo to reveal.

The biggest piece of leaked information is easily that fan favorite Geno from the SNES classicSuper Mario RPGis getting his very own Mii costume! Pretty exciting for most fans, but personally I’m all about that Mallow life, as he is the best character from any RPG ever objectively, obviously.

More information about Cloud fromFinal Fantasy VIIhas also been revealed including his alternate costumesnone of which are him in a dress sadly. Cloud’ssolo mode victory video featuring a cameo by a certain six-winged monstrosity, and his victory and stage music have also been leaked.

The only other tidbit of information found is that the Kalos stage from Pokémonhas been updated, but the details of what that include are unknown. So no new characters or stages may be unveiled, just more information about what we already knew was coming and a peek at a Geno Mii costume. Obviously, take this all with a grain of salt until officially announced from Nintendo.

Find out if this finalSmash Bros.Nintendo Direct lives up to the hype in just a few short hours! I’m personally still hoping for Scrooge McDuck and Shaq as playable characters.

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