The story of a deaf clan beating the communication heavy Destiny 2 raid is heartwarming


Calus down

Amidst all of the issues that Destiny 2currently has with its endgame, it’s nice to hear feel-good stories like this one.

One such tale is theconquest of an all-deaf clan called DESTINYERRORALWAYSFAMOUS [DEAF] which bested the Destiny 2Leviathan raid, all the way through the final boss, Calus (minor vague strategic spoilers below).

If you haven’t entered Leviathan yet it, know that it requires a heavy amount of communication from just about every player at nearly every turn, so the fact that they were able to accomplish this is incredible. One of the biggest challenges is Calus, the last boss of the raid. In the encounter a small team is split into a different realm, and must call out symbols that appear on-screen — there are three “fakes” in total for them to call, and the other part of the crew has to melee an enemy that represents the fourth, non-called sign. During all of this, enemy combatants (“adds”) are attacking both teams relentlessly, so there’s a lot going on.

As you might have guessed this is a lot easier to do on voice chat — so how did the all-deaf team do it? Well they used a program called Glide to quickly message each other, assigning code letters for each symbol (Sun, Cup, Axes, Dogs). The puncher has to quickly decipher all of those symbols in rapid succession, then choose the right one. In an average run, they’ll need to do this eight times (a perfect run will only need to go through one cycle of four).

Wild! It’s doable, but you only have a limited amount of time to actually strike or the entire group will wipe. This is a massive accomplishment and a congratulations are in order for everyone involved.

A small clan of deaf gamers just beat Calus for the first time. How awesome is that?[Reddit]