The Turok remaster gets new screenshots, missing the fog


Looks terrible yet I can’t wait to play

[Update: Larry Kuperman of Night Dive Studios confirmed that a fog option would be in for “the purists.”]

Night Dive Studios has released new screenshots of the Turokremaster it has been working on and in the spirit of the original game, it looks pretty ugly. Notably, the thick fog from the original release is missing and honestly, I kind of miss it. Hopefully the devs add an option to turn it on to get that authentic Turokfeel.

Currently only Turok and Turok 2are being remastered for PC, but here is hoping they get around to Turok: Rage Wars, the arena-based shooter that is arguably the best multiplayer shooter on Nintendo 64. I know you all love GoldenEye, but I’ve always been about that dino-life and feel like Rage Warsnever got the recognition it deserved. Just look at the cerebral bore weapon! That alone makes it cooler than any other shooter on the N64.