The winner of Destructoid's best of 2013 PC exclusive


Best of 2013

I just love the variety offered in this category every single year. No nominee really plays like another. Even Gone Homeand The Stanley ParableHDhave a similar control scheme, but their experiences are about as different as they come. Whether you enjoyed swapping with The Swapper,rejecting immigrants with Papers, Please, or trying to make sense of it all with Antichamberor Kentucky Route Zero, it has no doubt been another wonderful year for PC exclusives.

Here are the nominees for the 2013 PC exclusive of the year.

And the winner is…

Papers, Please

A game that is nearly impossible to accurately describe to someone who has never seen it,Papers, Pleaseis about as unique as they come. Who could have predicted that the PC game of the year would have been about allowing or not allowing immigrants into a fictional country? I’ll tell you who: anybody who has actually played it. It’s hard not to get caught up in the world while playing Papers, Please. The satisfying sound effect when you reject someone’s plea to enter the country is just so … mmm mmm good.

Congratulations to Papers, Pleaseand Lucas Pope!

That was our pick for best PC game of 2013. As for our community poll, you all voted Shadow Warrior as your number one PC game of 2013. That was followed by The Stanley Parable HD, and Papers, Please.