The Witcher 3 clocks in at 28.1GB on the Switch eShop


Look at Geralt’s face: he approves

After they announced it at E3, CD Projekt Red noted that theThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Switch would fit onto a 32GB card. As a worldwide release this is basically unprecedented, and would mean that players wouldn’t need to download a massive day one patch to actually play the game out of the box.

This isn’t just a big deal in terms of convenience at launch, as Witcher 3is one of those games you’ll probably be playing for decades to come, long after the Switch eShop is dead and buried. Now, thanks to a release date announcement of October 15 and an official eShop listing push, we have an idea of how the publisher made that all possible.

According to the Switch eShop, The Witcher 3will take up 28.1GB of space on your Switch. Meaning, it fits snugly on that 32GB SD card (which typically sport29.8GB of usable space). It’s a big download for sure and I know a lot of you out there are like that meme guy who can’t hold all their Switch games, but you could always opt for the physical version!