The Wolf Among Us appears on Steam, priced at $22.49


10 percent off

Well, lookie here. It’s a pre-order on Steam for The Wolf Among Us, Telltale’s (the makers of our Game of the Year for 2012) latest and maybe greatest. Putting your money down now gets you 10 percent off an already reasonably priced game series. Holy bloody murder, that’s good news.

Speaking of series, all the names of the five episodes of this season are shown here for the first time (listed below).

Oh, and PC/Mac system requirements, too. Don’t worry. The requirements are super mild.

Get that Steam wallet out, folks.

Episode 1: FaithEpisode 2: Smoke and MirrorsEpisode 3: A Crooked MileEpisode 4: In Sheep’s ClothingEpisode 5: Cry Wolf