The worst Devil May Cry game, Devil May Cry 2, is coming to Switch


Bloody Tears

Are you ready? Devil May Cry 2 is coming to #NintendoSwitch, featuring 2 playable characters, Dante & Lucia, the first ever Bloody Palace and more!

Available September 19th.

— Devil May Cry (@DevilMayCry) September 4, 2019

As is common with Nintendo Direct presentations, Nintendo of Japan had a few exclusive announcements that the west didn’t get. One of those happened to be that Devil May Cry 2 would be getting ported to the Switch in the near future. While originally positioned as simply a Japanese port, Capcom of America has confirmed that the weakest entry in the franchise will be heading to the US on September 19, 2019.

That headline is a bit harsh, though. Devil May Cry 2 isn’t what you’d call good, but it’s also not completely awful. There’s only so much director Hideaki Itsuno could have done with the limited game given to him. Devil May Cry 2 was kind of doomed from the outset, but at least its failure led to the creation of the absolutely killer Devil May Cry 3. Hell, Itsuno even continued that streak with 5 this year!

So, yeah, Devil May Cry 2 may be the worst in its series, but it’s still worth remembering. Soon you’ll be able to do it on the go!

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