There are plenty of ways to get rid of a body in Graveyard Keeper


Bring out your dead

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Graveyard Keeper, tinyBuild’s upcoming simulator about life as a medieval mortuary master. But unlike its subject matter, Graveyard Keeper isn’t dead as new gameplay footage shows there’s more to life in this macabre game than its title implies.

Graveyard Keeper‘s recent gameplay trailer focuses on the daily life of its main character. There’s plenty to do in addition to burying the dead, like performing autopsies, exploring dungeons, and even farming some crops. As expected from a simulator, Graveyard Keeper offers a series of upgrades and unlocks, allowing players to improve their skills and expand their body-burying empire.

But what’s most interesting about Graveyard Keeper isn’t its novel spin on medieval life; it’s what you can do with the dead. According to tinyBuild, players can be less-than-ethical when it comes to disposing of bodies, be it for financial gain or as an act of sheer laziness. Pawning limbs and tossing bodies into a nearby river aren’t exactly skills you should list on a resume, but when it comes to dealing with corpses, no harm, no foul.

Graveyard Keeper is scheduled to release later this year on PC and Xbox One. Would-be grave tenders interested in playing it earlier can sign up for alpha access on the game’s website.