There are some big names attached to the E3 PC Gaming Show


Sega and Square Enix lead the way

With E3 just a couple weeks away (!!!), everyone is starting to sell their presence at the show. Platform-holders like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony don’t have to do much advertising because people already know what they’re tuning in for — mostly, first-party games. However, PC is inherently decentralized, which means that it needs more of a push.

In the build-up to the 4th annual PC Gaming Show, the organizers have released a list of the major companies who will be present to take the stage and share some news. They are: Sega, Square Enix, Crytek, Double Fine, Hi-Rez Studios, SkyDance Media, Digital Extremes, Raw Fury, Klei, Modern Storyteller, tinyBuild, Cloud Imperium Games, Starbreeze, 505 Games, “an untitled publisher,” and more.

Previously, Oculus, Stardock, Tripwire Interactive, Coffee Stain Studios, Frontier, Team 17, and Chance Agency were announced as participants. Also, a baked goods company is one of the sponsors. That seems like a weird advertising opportunity but whatever.

The PC Gaming Show takes place on Monday June 11 at 3pm Pacific. That’s nestled into a nook that’s right after Ubisoft and right before PlayStation. That Monday has turned into nothing but a blur of announcements and highly-caffeinated games writing. Well, for me anyway. Maybe not for you.