There might be a new Mortal Kombat because Ed Boon is spelling stuff with a K instead of a C


11 or XI?

It’s the season of speculation for video games, a tradition slightly more sacred than Toyotathon and slightly less anticipated than Shark Week. Actually, this is Shark Week but for two straight months. We’re a group of starved-but-eager monsters who get whipped into an ecstatic frenzy with just the smallest drop of potential leaked reveals.

The latest exhibit:

You know what ELSE would be kool…..?

— Ed Boon (@noobde) May 10, 2018

That’s the Mortal Kombatman, and he’s spelling stuff wrong on purpose! Surely we have new Mortal Kombatto look forward to.

And we probably do! Developer NetherRealm releasedMortal Kombat Xin 2015 and Injustice 2in 2017. Now that the heavy lifting is done on the second Injustice, it’d make sense that NetherRealm shifts back to another Mortal Kombat. That seems to be the bi-annual routine this studio has fallen into.

If this does get announced in the coming month — say at a major platform-holder’s E3 press conference — it’ll probably come alongside a CG rendition of the goriest Fatality we’ve seen yet. Give us the good stuff, NetherRealm.

[Update:Ed Boon sees us.

Oh kome on!! We’ve been using K’s for 25 years now.

— Ed Boon (@noobde) May 11, 2018