There's a new Dillon's Rolling Western game coming soon to 3DS, I'm glad both it and the 3DS are alive


Dead-Heat Breakers

It’s been known for a ‘lil bit, butthe follow-up to Dillon’s Rolling Western and The Last Ranger is almost upon us. It’s called Dillon’s Dead-Heat Breakers, and has morphed from a full-on western to more of a dystopian Road Warrior premise with Twisted Metal-esque vehicular combat. Yep, I can get down with that.

A few brief clips show us footage of Dillon and his new gang doing battle with evildoers, decked out appropriate in skull carts, as well as brief footage of a boss battle. Another clip straight-up shows cute animals with jetpack and guns, so…that’s awesome.

Dillon’s Dead Heat Breakers will arrive on May 25 in the west exclusively on the 3DS eShop.