There's a new Pokemon Zarude distribution and thank God it doesn't involve GameStop


Praise be

Distribution events can range from “oh I just conveniently log into my device and grab it online” to “damn, I have to find/go to a GameStop in an era where they shut down a ton of their stores.” Pretty obvious which one wins out! Thankfully, this new Zarude and Shiny Celebi distribution event does not involve any store-bounding requirement.

So there’s a few bits of news here that serve as the primer for this story. The Pokemon Company just announced that Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, featuring the newish Zarude, will be coming to Netflix on October 8. But as usual, the new mythical creature will be distributed outside of the game.

Zarude is the main event, and will use the leaf guard ability, with the choice scarf held item and jungle healing, hammer arm, power whip, and energy ball moves. To get it, you’ll need to sign up for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter “and opt into email marketing” by September 25. After that point you’ll need to “watch for a special email with a password to add the Pokemon to your game.” The promo requires a copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield, and the reward is actually a “Dada Zarude,” with the cape from the film.

The other bonus is that you’ll also get a shiny Celebi for your troubles. The opt-in promotion includes both a Zarude and a Celebi: this one sports a natural cure ability, lucky egg held item, and magical leaf, future sight, life dew, and heal bell moves.

You have roughly two more weeks to opt into emails to grab your Zarude and Celebi. May as well do it!