There's a patch to fix Far Cry 3 Classic Edition's dead zone issue


Just in time for the game’s standalone release

Far Cry 5 season pass owners have had several weeks to burn through Far Cry 3 Classic Edition. Ubisoft will begin selling the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 re-release as a standalone on June 26, and the timing couldn’t be much better for newcomers. There’s an update out now to fix the wonky controls.

Far Cry 3 Classic Edition hasn’t felt quite right and players quickly honed in on a culprit: a fussy dead zone for the analog sticks. Basically, the aiming controls aren’t sensitive enough, leading to an experience that doesn’t feel smooth or responsive. Some have even described it as “unplayable.”

A patch went out today to “[fix] the dead zone issues by fine tuning the controls.”

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