There's an official DuckTales Minecraft DLC: I'd buy that for a Number One Dime


I’ll spare you the woo-hoo jokes: oops

Minecraft wasn’t sold for 2.5 billion dollars for nothing! With the name brand comes phenomenal cosmic power (a timely reference): enough to woo the likes of Disney with the Toy Story Mash-Up pack. Mojang and Microsoft have courted some pretty big properties in recent years, from Adventure Time to Mass Effect, and now they’re getting down with DuckTales.

Based off of the new show (which returns today, look at that synergy!), the adventure map is housed within the in-game Minecraft Marketplace (for 1170 coins, or roughly $6.50), and comes with over 30 skins, as well as “two storylines that include multiple quests.” Mind, part of that skin offering is a Darkwing Duck four-pack, which includes Darkwing himself, Liquidator, Megavolt and Quackerjack.

Note that the proof is in the description of the pack: “Mash-Up” packs typically contain just creation materials, but this one boasts full-on quests through locales like Scrooge’s Money Bin. Where one DuckTalesgaming IP falls, another one rises in its place. Oh and watch the show, it’s really good!

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