There's over 160 amiibo now and you can track them with this new collection database


It’s…quite a few

If you count the Mega Man 11 amiibo releasing this week, there’s 166 figures available worldwide, with many more coming in the pipeline (Solaire is right around the corner). That’s…a lot! I don’t blame you if you stopped at just the Smashline or completely gave up to preserve your sanity.

But whether you’re a humble collector or a 100%-er, there’s a new amiibo collection tracker in town. It’s called, and allows you to create an account to keep track of the figures you own, as well as create a wishlist. The developer seems to be very responsive to users, adding features rapid-fire, and at this point it’s one of the most impressive amiibo trackers I’ve seen to date.

You can give it a shot here, or try out the already existing