These are the Majora's Mask DLC outfits for Hyrule Warriors


Next update adds skill deleting, quick restarts, higher max level

When the Majora’s Mask DLC for Hyrule Warriors drops (January 29 in Europe and Japan; February 5 in North America), players will gain access to these three new costumes. As expected and feared by some, Lana is getting the Skull Kid outfit. I’m loving Sheik’s latest look, though.

But more than any of that, I’m most excited about the next software update for the game. No joke, it made my morning. If you’re deep into Hyrule Warriors‘ Adventure maps too, you’ll understand:

  • Raised max level for characters.
  • New potions.
  • Even more new medals.
  • New weapon skill(s)?
  • Smithy improved, adding several new options: “Delete Skill,” “Check skills (before crafting),” and add “Sale weapons”
  • More information available during Adventure Mode: Total damage is visible, and you can now restart the mission without going back to the map.

Skill deleting and quick restarts? Bless.

「ゼルダ無双」のDLC「ムジュラの仮面パック」が1月29日配信開始。「子供リンク」と,自称妖精の生まれ変わり「チンクル」がプレイアブルに [4Gamer via NeoGAF]

The new Adventure map looks intimidating.

What a time to be alive.