These pointy Warcraft III models sure bring me back


New (old) assets now usable in the StarCraft II map editor

Blizzard is giving custom-game creators access to thousands of Warcraft III assets for use in the StarCraft II Arcade, including character and structure models, music, sound effects, and user interfaces for each race. What will they make with it? Better yet, what won’t they make?

The assets are, for the time being, only on StarCraft II‘s public test realm, which can be accessed from the Region/Account dropdown on the home screen. But don’t let that stop you!

As someone who has spent hundreds of hours playing custom games like Defense of the Ancients and Element Tower Defense in Warcraft III, this news is delightful.

Warcraft III Assets Now Available on the PTR []

While Blizzard was at it, the company also updated the hero models for the four primary races:

These guys serve as a reminder that, should Warcraft IV ever happen, I’m going to lose my shit.