They broke PUBG again, so players are getting apology beanies and a lump sum of battle points


20,000 BP to spend on even more cosmetics

Amid the massive “Fix PUBG” campaign, developer PUBG Corp broke the game. Some routine server maintenance went sideways and created all sorts of new problems. Players experienced connectivity issues and network lag, rendering the game mostly unplayable for a lot of people.

As recompense, PUBG Corp is loosening the proverbial and digital purse strings. The developer is giving away 20,000 battle points and a beanie-with-headphones cosmetic to anyone who logs into PUBGby October 23 at 5pm Pacific.

There’s a clear-and-established pattern to these PUBGsnafus. The developer keeps breaking the game, and then it makes good with some BP, XP, or cosmetics. And, like, 20,000 BP is a lot for anyone who plays casually. It might be more lucrative than actually playing the game.

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